‘Making’ in DET schools 2015

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It’s great to be back ‘Making’ in 2015. We have just concluded a series of Invent to Learn workshops around Victoria with Gary Stager. We held workshops at Dallas Brooks Primary School, Camberwell South Primary School, Weeroona College, Bendigo and Library at the Dock in their community maker space.


Teachers at the Library at the Dock workshop


Success! Corrie Barclay programmed the Arduino.

Guitar Heroes

Guitar Heroes, Makey Makey and lolly snakes!

STEM Students

STEM students joining the teachers for lunch at Weeroona

St Patricks Day Tie

Jevon Nicholas and his St Patricks Day tie.

Roland Gesthuizen curated tweets for the Invent to Learn day at Camberwell South.  https://storify.com/rgesthuizen/makerspace-2015

We are working towards a Mini Maker Faire in Childrens’ Week at the end of October that will be open to all Victorian families. We will also be holding an event in November where students can come together and share their inventions.

A series of student-led maker events will be held during term 2 & 3. Our first two events will be held in Geelong and Bendigo before the end of term 2 and a template will be developed for networks of schools who wish to organise their own student-led maker event.

We will hold a webinar on Thursday 16th April to launch this project and call for interested people to form a working party.

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  1. Following the Library at the Dock event, I did a little more research around cost-effective – but fun – ways to explore simple circuits. I found ‘Squishy Circuits’, which is a program developed by the University of St Thomas. Essentially, one creates two recipes of dough: one conductive, the other non-conductive. Hook up some LEDs, motors and batteries etc and you’ve a hands-on, nifty circuits activity. You can find links to kits here: http://www.squishycircuitsstore.com/kits.html The recipe card is free to download from that site too. Otherwise the components would be pretty easy to source individually from Amazon, or domestically from Jaycar. There’s a great video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDZo51k2BWQ Wish I knew about this when I was a kid!

  2. Keysborough College is planning to run a STEM Fair in October for our junior students. I would be happy to be associated with your group by adding this as a student-led school-based event and incorporate some of the splendid ideas that I picked up during the workshops. I’ll try to make the Webinar this Thursday. Thank you for organising this.

    • hi Roland,
      I am currently constructing a template for student led Maker Events and would be happy to meet with you (after next Tuesday) to assist with your planning etc.

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