Maker Education: Reaching All Learners

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I found this video this morning. Here are some quotes that resonated for me!

When kids become agents of their own learning, …when they own their future,  that.. is giving kids a lifetime of learning that will carry them through job after job…and into their home and communities, that’s all important! Pam Moran, Superintendent

Making provides a different pathway to learning… when we watch our kids making, they are bringing in all the different content areas.  It’s giving them a context for learning. Pam Moran, Superintendent

‘It shows the power of engagement and the power of choice… maker allows for that’  Kendra King Principal

‘We’ve discovered that Maker Education gets kids engaged, gets them passionate about the work, & gives them opportunities to pursue things that they’re interested in’ Pam Moran, Superintendent

‘We try to give the kids the tools.. that can be as simple as cardboard or as sophisticated as 3D printers and music production studios and basically turn them loose and unleash the potential to make’ Pam Moran, Superintendent


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