Setting up a Maker Space

Tuesday December 15th 2015

Little Bits founder and CEO, Ayah Bdeir, has posted two new resources to help schools plan for STEM subjects in schools.

Little Bits Guide           Librarians Guide LittleBits


How to Start a STEAM Program         Librarians Guide to LittleBits

September 29th 2015

Schools across the state are thinking about how they can create a Maker Space. Some schools are transforming an existing space and others are looking at creating a new space from scratch.

Brauer College in Warrnambool have transformed their library by adding a Maker Space.

Contact Delia Jenkins, Curriculum Futures Leader, or Wendy Delaney, Library Co-ordinator,   for further information about the Brauer College story


Some readings that might help you to plan a school Maker Space:

Renovated Learning, Building a Culture of Creativity and Discovery in Education

Youth Maker Space Play Book

Sticky Fingers- Library Makerspace Beginnings

Why Makerspaces Give Kids Space to Fail, and Why That’s a Good Thing

Educator with a Maker Mindset by @jackiegerstein

Educator as a Maker Educator

How to Turn Your School into a Maker Haven





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